RSG is planned

In order to setup good crops, focus on the soil, not the pesticide.

What can you do within the “Green Economy”?

As the minds stray away from the substance of the earth, in generating technocratic schemes, the Chemistry that creates the earth is sunder. Thus we raise-elevate the morale between neighbors to build the web that the Sands of the soils have not provided.

In the consecutive Table, we acknowledge the breakdown of Table foods. While we will be better to burn to ash the flesh foods to avoid bacterial rises, and harness the vegetable matters into known distributions to achieve the best results for new food matters.

Soil Type Soil Type is …
type 1 My soil type is a typical silty sand with clays.
type 2 My soil type is a sand of granites from the foothills.
type 3 My soil type is a near river slurry that is finely diminished.
type 4My soil type is a barren soil that is dusty
VegetableSoil TypeBreakdown ABreakdown B
Pencil Dust
Coffee Grounds
Banana Peel
Lemon Rind
Lime Rind
Jack Fruit